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The Superheroes of Stan Lee’s Superhumans

Imagine having the ability to withstand high voltages of electricity, the capacity to dive over 700 feet and hold your breath over 8 minutes, or supernormal strength? These are the kind of paranormal abilities and features that the characters featured in Stan Lee’s Superhuman show exhibit as part of their daily life. Fancy watching Stan Lee’s show? Here’s why maybe you should see it.

All about Stan Lee’s Superhumans

In this show, the epic comic book creator Stan Lee follows Daniel Browning Smith, a legendary contortionist popularly known to be one of the most flexible men in the world, in his deep search around the globe for people with mental or physical abilities that are out of the ordinary. These profilees have powers almost like the superheroes from your comic books. The extraordinarily endowed people are the superhumans of this show. While some of them have made a career out of their phenomenal abilities, and become local celebrities, others among these incredibly gifted humans are working mundane jobs (one works in a party bus rental company, another is a toll booth operator, and so on). Fame doesn’t seem to be the primary motivation for most of them. The show features through three seasons with 31 episodes in total. Each episode is about one hour long; that is if there are commercials in between, so they shouldn’t be too long to watch.

Superheroes of Stan Lee’s Superhumans

The episodes on this show are fascinating to an all new high. Although almost all of them are highly rated on the charts, these are some of the most epic:

· Unbreakable: In a Kuala Lumpur temple, Hu Qiong, a Shaolin monk shows how solid his body is by his ability to resist metal drills made to his head and spears to his throat.

· Electro Man: Rajmohan Nair from Kollam in India is immune to electric current. Nair can withstand shock from a voltage that’s over 30 times the amount that is capable of killing any ordinary person.

· Human-wolf: Shaun Ellis who hails from Devon, England leaves everyone confused when he demonstrates to the world his ability to live among and communicate with wolves.

· Human Shield: Here, Rene Richer proves he has the strongest teeth than any man alive on earth by not only his ability to bend coins with his teeth, but also by lifting over 1,000 lbs using his super-strong jaw.

· Supersight: In supersight, Alexander Levit from Los Angeles, despite having been born blind and living with the same condition all his life, shows unordinary abilities when he proves that he can see colors, shapes, and writing on screens through some unique form of super sight.

Are Stan Lee’s Superhumans real or fake?

There have been several questions as to the legitimacy of the profilees in Stan Lee’s show and their alleged extraordinary powers derived from their paranormal genetic mutations. It would be unfair, though to overlook the fact that in each episode, there are local scientists examining the characters in question in an attempt to give proof of their unexplainable features. Although many would still argue that these scientists barely come up with any solid truths, this factor in itself gives you a reason to believe that indeed there’s some truth behind the stories. Besides, is it even possible that this show’s producers would go to the lengths of stage managing all the 31 episodes, each featuring at least three profilees? That would be the height of deceit.

Pros and cons


· Real doctors get to test the “superheroes” to see whether or not they have a greater human capacity than average, that makes them gain these extraordinarily unique skills.

· The show is precise and to the point with not too much background details, a fact that makes it one thoroughly exciting piece of entertainment.


· Some of the featured characters on the show are not that well balanced, which makes the show seem more of a deceptive science fiction than actual superhuman scenarios.

· Some episodes in the show get a tad bit complicated, and even when the doctors attempt to explain things further through MRI, it just gets the more difficult. It’s not the easiest show to follow, and the chances are high that you’ll drift away mid-episode at least once.

· The show has weak, hazy visuals and faded coloring which makes it look like it was shot sometime in the 80s.

Apart from a few glitches, the show pushes the limits of some of your scientific truths, like “how can a medically blind person claim to see colors, shapes and on-screen writings through some form of super sight?” These variable possibilities make the show liberating and exciting to a whole new level that’s bound to knock you off your feet.

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The Greatest Superhero Movies Of All Time

Superhero stories have been told across various media as part of our culture for several decades, with the big screen being the most popular destination. Most of us love them because every movie says something about our collective desire as human beings for a champion who is able to rise up during difficult times to help us – someone who has our best interest at heart, but is not held back by either physical or societal laws like us.

There are also those who love these movies because of the dual identities of the superhero characters, their fancy skin tight costumes and the fantastic struggles between evil and good. Either way, there’s no denying that the popularity of superhero movies is currently at an all time high. With that in mind, here are the best 5 superhero movies of all time:

Darkman (1990)

Long before the spider man trilogy, Sam Raimi flexed his creative muscles on the superhero film – Darkman. Featuring Liam Neeson as Dr Peyton Westlake, a hideously disfigured scientist who is seeking revenge on the thugs who set his face on fire, this movie is wild and relentlessly entertaining, even though it makes you feel sympathy for its hero.

The Original Spider Man

Although there are many peoples who think Spider-Man 2 is the best of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, the contribution that the original Spider-Man has had on the whole genre cannot be underestimated. From perfect cast choices in the form of J.K. Simmons and Tobey Maguire to hyper-stylized aesthetic, the original spider man remains one of the best superhero movies of all time. Without this one movie, the whole genre would look very different today.

Superman (1978)

Though Richard Donner’s Superman wasn’t the first ever superhero movie, it is from it that most of us believed that a man can fly. Understanding the importance of a hero’s origin story is as important as a good Crawl Space Encapsulation company, Richard spent as much time in Kansas and Krypton as he did in Metropolis. This enabled us to understand Clark Kent better, thereby helping us to appreciate Superman. Nearly every superhero movie of today can be traced back to this landmark feature.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Thanks to the unique story, excellent choreographed action and Chris Evans’ performance, Captain America: The First Avenger remains one of the greatest superhero movies of all time. Set in the 1940s when the 2nd world war was raging and Captain America was the top hero in the United States, the film managed to keep up entertained and the edge of our seats all throughout.

The Crow

The Crow isn’t a typical superhero movie everyone would expect, but it is a thrilling and fantastic dark feature that is great in its own right. It is a classic revenge story with a fantasy twist, as a rock star returns from the dead to seek revenge on the people who murdered him and his girlfriend on the exact anniversary of his murder. The story may be small scale with all the action happening in one small neighborhood, but it still manages to entertain with its great characters and excellent performances.

Your favorite movie may not have made it on this list, but these are still some of the best superhero movies in history. Enjoy!

Four Of The Most Famous Female Superheroes

In the comic book world, female superheroes have not been in the limelight as much as their male counterparts. However in the recent past, the conversation regarding female superheroes has began to change. Even the number of female comic book fans has risen dramatically. As a result female superheroes are on the rise, not only in comics but also in the movies and television. The entertainment media is full of powerful females who possess fantastic powers, and there are inspiring stores about them. Here are four of the most famous female superheroes:

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the quintessential female superhero. Also called Princess Diana, she originated from Themyscira, a remote island inhabited only by women. Her powers are similar to those of superman, and she battles with super villains, malevolent Greek gods and various forces that are bent on oppressing females. Wonder woman has starred in various solo comics and is a member of the Justice League. In the 1970’s, she had her own TV show and she recently appeared in the Batman vs. Superman movie. There are plans of a solo film featuring wonder woman as the main superhero.

Jean Grey

This telepathic superhero has been a leading light in the X-men movies-and her psychic powers are almost equal to those of Professor X. She finds out about her powers at an early age, but she cannot use them fully because her first experience almost kills her. Later she joins X-men as the first female member .She also merges with an entity called Phoenix, and this pushes her power to stratospheric levels. When she enters the Phoenix state, Jean’s powers are so strong that she can manipulate sub-atomic matter and cause any living thing or object that she focuses on to disintegrate. This Phoenix force sometimes makes her unstable and a big threat to the X-men.

Captain Marvel

For a long time she was called Ms.Marvel and she succeeded the male Captain Marvel. A major in the air force and a longtime member of the Avengers, Carol Danvers becomes the new Captain Marvel. She is a hybrid of a Kree(an alien race in Marvel comics) and a human and possesses energy-laden cosmic powers. She displays an indomitable spirit and a strong moral code, and this is what brings out the true superhero aura. Captain Marvel is like Superman in her strength, flight and indestructibility and she can also absorb energy, which makes her even stronger. Carol Danvers can even absorb magical powers. In addition, she is an exceptionally skilled pilot and highly trained in espionage and hand-to-hand combat.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanov is the Black Widow, raised as a super spy and a Soviet assassin. She switches sides and joins S.H.I.E.L.D.(a law enforcement agency in the world of Marvel comics) as a member of the Avengers. While she does not possess any superpowers, she is an expert in combat and secret operations. The Black Widow uses conventional tools and weapons which are disguised to appear like ordinary objects. This superhero has appeared in several video games, movies and TV shows. The Black Widow character has recently been portrayed in Marvel films by actress Scarlett Johansson, and this has greatly boosted her popularity.

For more fabulous superheroines, check out the video below!


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Superman: A Superhero like no other

Superman is one of the most loved American superheroes of all time. He is powerful; actually the most powerful being on the planet earth. Even though an alien, from the planet Krypton, he is raised in Smallville in Kansas. He was brought up with exceptional moral standards, instilled in him by his earthly father and mother. He uses his strength and all the other superhero abilities to do well and help people in the society, innocent people. In his human character or rather identity, he is Clerk Kent, a journalist for the Daily Planet, a leading Metropolis newspaper. Superman fell in love with Lois Lane. He was the pioneer founder of the Justice League of America and also a member of the well-known Legion of Super-Heroes. His chief nemesis is the excellent super-villain Lex Luthor.

Superman otherwise known as the man of Steel was saved at a time when his original planet: Krypton was on the verge of destruction, his parents; Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, both being scientist constructed a rocket that they would use to save their unborn child Kal-EL. At this time was in his gestation chamber. His parents wanted their son to experience and regain life in its fullness, something that the Krypton culture was going to keep away from him. Their research had shown that, with exposure to yellow sunlight, his cells would charge into living solar batteries and enable him to have unbelievable powers.

ON landing on earth, the child was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent in Smallville as stated earlier. The couple made up their minds to raise the child. Naming him Clark Kent. However as Kent grew up, his powers and abilities increased. He experienced having super-strength and the ability to fly which began developing at an early stage during his high school years. His parents finally revealed to him his origin and how he got to planet earth at the age of 18. Clerk vowed to be a secret hero and employ his powers in helping the innocent and humanity.

Clark continued to pursue his university education at Metropolis University. He remained secret for seven years during his university education until he saved a space plane in public. He met Lois Lane, a reporter at the age of 25. Together they found a way for be a public figure. Martha made a costume while Jonathan and Clark designed a symbol. His concealment was to help him live a double life.

Superman character in public is iconic, distinctive and yet unique in nature. The blue costume he wears which is embroidered with a red and yellow emblem on the chest which encompasses an Sin a shield-like shape. He also puts on a red cape. The shield has over-time been used to illustrate character.

Superman character is the symbol of American culture, attracting criticism, fascination from scholars, commentators not being left behind. All dive into the endless capabilities of a hero so powerful and yet humble in all aspects.

It is essential that one understands the character of Superman, a character that has taken quite a number of forms, though we have yet to see him as an expert in dumpster rental near me. Arguably, the authenticity of superman has remained unchanged through history. A character old enough but so relevant to the world at this time: The Superman Character.

Marvel vs. DC Comics: Which Superheroes Dominate?

Years back, comic books and superheroes were specifically associated with kids. Well, the tables have turned, and these comic books have been brought into reality. They are no longer specified for kids, but every grown person is dying to watch the newest superhero movie. The two major parents of the comic books are Marvel and DC Universe. Too many people have confused the superheroes from these two universes. The rivalry of the two has lived for many years, and they steal ideas from each other, but who takes the lead? Here is a Marvel vs. DC Comics comparison, based on their superheroes.

Who has the strongest superhero?

When it comes to strength, it might seem difficult to compare the two universes, but DC Comics seems to enjoy the lead, thanks to the ever strong Superman. Just as his name suggest, he is super, and he can lift anything that lands in his arms. Superman is strong and fast, making him the strongest of all.

Not to ignore the strength and physique of Marvel’s Hulk. Hulk’s strength is triggered by the level of his anger. So when he is extremely furious, he can take any opponent without backing down.

Which superheroes is fun to watch?

Fighting entails some level of seriousness, though that is not a rule in the Marvel Universe. Almost every Marvel superheroes are funny, especially during a fight. Take for example Ant-Man, Spiderman, or Iron Man. These superheroes will give you laughter when they are in action. They lighten up the mood; you even forget there were supposed to win.

On the other hand, DC Comics superheroes are no-joke buddies. Superman or Batman barely smile, even when a situation is funny. So if you want to enjoy a fight that is full of action and some bit of laughter, Marvel Universe will deliver that.

Which have the most-loved superheroes?

Here is where the battle really matters. If it is about ranking the most-loved superheroes, it becomes challenging, because each hero comes with unique attributes that make them loved by fans.

With the DC Universe, many people are fond of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and the Green Lantern. Marvel Universe has more popular characters, including Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Ant-Man, War Machine, Wolverine, among others.

In the recent years, many people have preferred the Avengers, who are from the Marvel Universe, more than DC Comic’s Justice League. Years back, the Justice League dominated the entertainment world, especially in animation, which gained them popularity. Marvel is introducing more characters, and most of the leading superheroes have individual movies. For instance, the Black Panther, who was featured in the most recent Avengers movie will have a dedicated film soon.

Verdict?In general, Marvel has shown better success over the rival universe, DC Comics, and even though some superheroes from DC are stronger than Marvel’s, Marvel characters are tactical and end up emerging winners. Ant-Man, for instance, can shrink to the smallest creature, and still deliver a massive blow to the opponent, which grants him the victory in the final run. In a battle of all the aspects included, Marvel Universe takes the lead.

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