Marvel vs. DC Comics: Which Superheroes Dominate?

Years back, comic books and superheroes were specifically associated with kids. Well, the tables have turned, and these comic books have been brought into reality. They are no longer specified for kids, but every grown person is dying to watch the newest superhero movie. The two major parents of the comic books are Marvel and DC Universe. Too many people have confused the superheroes from these two universes. The rivalry of the two has lived for many years, and they steal ideas from each other, but who takes the lead? Here is a Marvel vs. DC Comics comparison, based on their superheroes.

Who has the strongest superhero?

When it comes to strength, it might seem difficult to compare the two universes, but DC Comics seems to enjoy the lead, thanks to the ever strong Superman. Just as his name suggest, he is super, and he can lift anything that lands in his arms. Superman is strong and fast, making him the strongest of all.

Not to ignore the strength and physique of Marvel’s Hulk. Hulk’s strength is triggered by the level of his anger. So when he is extremely furious, he can take any opponent without backing down.

Which superheroes is fun to watch?

Fighting entails some level of seriousness, though that is not a rule in the Marvel Universe. Almost every Marvel superheroes are funny, especially during a fight. Take for example Ant-Man, Spiderman, or Iron Man. These superheroes will give you laughter when they are in action. They lighten up the mood; you even forget there were supposed to win.

On the other hand, DC Comics superheroes are no-joke buddies. Superman or Batman barely smile, even when a situation is funny. So if you want to enjoy a fight that is full of action and some bit of laughter, Marvel Universe will deliver that.

Which have the most-loved superheroes?

Here is where the battle really matters. If it is about ranking the most-loved superheroes, it becomes challenging, because each hero comes with unique attributes that make them loved by fans.

With the DC Universe, many people are fond of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and the Green Lantern. Marvel Universe has more popular characters, including Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Ant-Man, War Machine, Wolverine, among others.

In the recent years, many people have preferred the Avengers, who are from the Marvel Universe, more than DC Comic’s Justice League. Years back, the Justice League dominated the entertainment world, especially in animation, which gained them popularity. Marvel is introducing more characters, and most of the leading superheroes have individual movies. For instance, the Black Panther, who was featured in the most recent Avengers movie will have a dedicated film soon.

Verdict?In general, Marvel has shown better success over the rival universe, DC Comics, and even though some superheroes from DC are stronger than Marvel’s, Marvel characters are tactical and end up emerging winners. Ant-Man, for instance, can shrink to the smallest creature, and still deliver a massive blow to the opponent, which grants him the victory in the final run. In a battle of all the aspects included, Marvel Universe takes the lead.

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