Superman: A Superhero like no other

Superman is one of the most loved American superheroes of all time. He is powerful; actually the most powerful being on the planet earth. Even though an alien, from the planet Krypton, he is raised in Smallville in Kansas. He was brought up with exceptional moral standards, instilled in him by his earthly father and mother. He uses his strength and all the other superhero abilities to do well and help people in the society, innocent people. In his human character or rather identity, he is Clerk Kent, a journalist for the Daily Planet, a leading Metropolis newspaper. Superman fell in love with Lois Lane. He was the pioneer founder of the Justice League of America and also a member of the well-known Legion of Super-Heroes. His chief nemesis is the excellent super-villain Lex Luthor.

Superman otherwise known as the man of Steel was saved at a time when his original planet: Krypton was on the verge of destruction, his parents; Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, both being scientist constructed a rocket that they would use to save their unborn child Kal-EL. At this time was in his gestation chamber. His parents wanted their son to experience and regain life in its fullness, something that the Krypton culture was going to keep away from him. Their research had shown that, with exposure to yellow sunlight, his cells would charge into living solar batteries and enable him to have unbelievable powers.

ON landing on earth, the child was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent in Smallville as stated earlier. The couple made up their minds to raise the child. Naming him Clark Kent. However as Kent grew up, his powers and abilities increased. He experienced having super-strength and the ability to fly which began developing at an early stage during his high school years. His parents finally revealed to him his origin and how he got to planet earth at the age of 18. Clerk vowed to be a secret hero and employ his powers in helping the innocent and humanity.

Clark continued to pursue his university education at Metropolis University. He remained secret for seven years during his university education until he saved a space plane in public. He met Lois Lane, a reporter at the age of 25. Together they found a way for be a public figure. Martha made a costume while Jonathan and Clark designed a symbol. His concealment was to help him live a double life.

Superman character in public is iconic, distinctive and yet unique in nature. The blue costume he wears which is embroidered with a red and yellow emblem on the chest which encompasses an Sin a shield-like shape. He also puts on a red cape. The shield has over-time been used to illustrate character.

Superman character is the symbol of American culture, attracting criticism, fascination from scholars, commentators not being left behind. All dive into the endless capabilities of a hero so powerful and yet humble in all aspects.

It is essential that one understands the character of Superman, a character that has taken quite a number of forms, though we have yet to see him as an expert in dumpster rental near me. Arguably, the authenticity of superman has remained unchanged through history. A character old enough but so relevant to the world at this time: The Superman Character.

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